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     Hello! My name is Ezzy, my humans have lots of nicknames for me, but Ezra is used the most! I am a 4 year old golden retriever who loves getting all the attention from my humans! My humans call me their "screen-timer" because I like to bark at them if they are on their computer or phones to much instead of giving me cuddles! 
My best friend in the entire world is my sister Elly! We love being mischievous together, one of my favorite activities is digging up moles out in the fields. 

- What are Ezzys favorite treats?

Ezzy's loves any and all "human food", but her favorites are hamburgers and yogurt! 

- If Ezzy had a 
catchphrase, what  would it be?

Ezzy's catchphrase would be, "No mom, I did not just bring a half-dead mole into the house... it was the puppies!" 

- If Ezzy were to have a human job, what would it be? 

Ezzy's human job would definitely be a CEO!
She is so bossy and likes to make everyone do what she wants.

But Dr.Y told my mom I need to watch my figure so that means cutting back on my human foods. 


     Fun Facts about me! 

  I LOVE belly rubs . . . absolutely nothing beats a

good belly rub, well - maybe some good snuggles.

  I have 4 golden retriever sisters!

  Speaking of my siblings, I love to steal their toys! They can't have all the fun... right?!  

  My mom tells me I am the most devoted and sweetest girl you'll ever meet!

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